What are the four energy patterns?

Humans are the most fascinating creatures!
I have always been fascinated by the fact that people experience the world differently and react and behave in divers manners.
Grundl Kutschera taught me the “four energy patterns” and they inspired me right away: I had finally found a practical, handy and dynamic model that could be used to apprehend interpersonal relations and the personality of each individual.
By means of research and my own trainings I developed a 4D-Typology-Model of the four energy patterns and published a book about them.

In this video I explain vividly the features of the four energy patterns.

In the systemic 4D-Model of the personal patterns we differ between four main categories which can develop in two different forms. You can start off by reading the description attached to the beautiful graphics of Christiane Strauß (www.illust.de).

Afterward you can take the Online-Test, if you like and watch the lecture about the energy
Let’s go! Which text and which picture attracts your attention the most?
I am looking forward to your feedback!


4D-Typ: Aggressive Einschüchterer

© Gisela von Löhneysen

You represent the arrow in the middle of the picture on the way to the top, aiming for the laurel wreath. The others follow you also determined and in solidarity. That is what you dream of!
You are not interested in turning right or left because that would take you away from your path. When others betray, abandon or start a mutiny behind your back, you feel deeply hurt and your heart wants to fall into pieces. Then you become angry, denounce loudly their dishonest behavior and try stubbornly, relaying on your authority, to prevail the dramatic atmosphere and general morals. If you don’t succeed and end up facing a plot or a fait accompli, you pull back deeply wounded and feel lost. But not for long because the world needs people like you who have an open and clear mind and wide eyes. Off you go to your next worthwhile destination. In any case the others will profit from your leading voice.

“caring know-it-all”

4D-Typ: Besserwisser

© Gisela von Löhneysen

Here you can see your own big and beautiful heart surrounded by blossoms in front of a blue sky. You have only the best intentions for the people around you and see the world with optimism through your rose-colored glasses. What you don’t see and also don’t believe are your dark sides. You would suspect them in perfectionism or sloppiness but they are hiding somewhere else. Jealousy sometimes takes away your joy of life: You constantly look at others and envy their strength, calmness, courage and their cheeky mouth work because you don’t dare to say what you really think. You can’t do naughty things without feeling guilty. Instead you try to win over others with your advices and noble deeds and to establish a hopefully
save social network. When you stop doing these things you can concentrate on yourself and your strengths, free your gorgeous heart and finally breathe deeply. To your amazement the people around you will do the same and welcome you in the circle of the creative people.

“charming little kid”

4D-Typ: Kleines Kind

© Gisela von Löhneysen

So first you can see yourself here as a pink candy in a beautiful green flower meadow. You like that and that is how even you see yourself sometimes, isn’t it? Colored and blithe, funny, gaudy and always walking on the bright side of life.
That is obviously your birth right! But why are there guns hidden in the candy? And it looks like an explosion will happen soon. That is going to be ugly! Unfortunately that is how you often experience your environment without even realizing or simply not even caring. How people respond to you is none of your business, right? You don’t have to preoccupy yourself with this otherwise you won’t have time to take care of yourself! If you want to be part of the nice circle of people you have to empathize, to be patient, to disarm and to be accepting. Then you can calmly enjoy your candy and even share with others.

“observant backdowner”

4D-Typ: Rückzieher

© Gisela von Löhneysen

Nice picture, isn’t it? Calm, blue shades but what is this sneaky thing? A cat! Exactly! That is how you like to sneak around through life: quietly, independent, observant, critical and smoothly avoiding obstacles. If necessary you show your claws that you have hidden so well. You are like Sleeping Beauty in the last chamber of a castle, often not ready to come out of the save thick inner wall because the world outside seems so hostile to you. You’ve already learned that when you were a child. Unfortunately the knights who are worried about you and want to free you don’t always fight (or fight less) to get through your hedge of thrones and to get you out of isolation. You have to do it yourself! It will be worth it to do it yourself! Then you will finally get to the juicy, green meadow, the midst of life where everything is colored with hustle and action. People will gladly follow your advice and due to the experience that you have made in your silent chamber you will be better prepared for real dangers than you think!

And why are the energy pattern called energy patterns?
Because it is about the energetic position in the system:

  • the agressive-intimidators can normally be found “at the front” fighting for justice and progress
  • the little kids can be found in the present, so in the middle. They feel everything and rest in themselves basically
  • the backdowner stay behind, covered while observing and analyzing everything
  • the know-it-alls are everywhere trying to connect, pass on and to communicate with rationality

These main energy patterns can be found in every family, team and in between friends.
It is important to know who can harmonize with whom, how the patterns differ, how they develop, what their needs, values and weaknesses are.