Conference speaker Jenison Thomkins

You are looking for a conference speaker?
You can request me as a creative speaker, moderator or coach for events, congresses or special
occasions. I have 10 years of stage experience as a musician and performer, I’ve conducted seminars for over 20 years and I’ve been a conference speaker and moderator for many years.

  • Specialized and impulsive lectures
  • Sustainable moderation of large groups
  • Rewarding team meetings
  • Energetic and creative events – including the audience

My lecture topics are i.a. :

  • Strategies to conquer the blue oceans – how to shake off your competitors
  • Women are magnets – authentic marketing
  • Yin&Yang acquisition: fundamental differences between men and women
  • How to present your companies personality in a charismatic way
  • Trend-Know-How and how founder can use it

Personality topics:

  • Specialties from my coaching kitchen
  • Fashion and personality– Being in a good mood – how does it work?

Other topics have to be requested! We can gladly get together and construct an individual concept which will fit you, your event and goal perfectly.
I am looking forward to hear from you soon!