Please read the comments and feedbacks below from my participants and coaches to get a better
idea of how I work.

Dear Jenison,
I really liked the NLP seminar. I’d like to thank you again! You’ve accomplished so much and I see
how you’ve grown to become such a strong personality. When I think about that you are married
with two kids and commit yourself to the Femme Total Network, I ask myself how do you do it?!
You never complain while other people who are younger than you, can’t manage anything by
themselves. Respect! You are a role model for all of us. I took you advice back than as serious as I
do now and I have to say that it worked great. I feel strong, full of energy and just great! Life is
Kind greetings from Steffi Nauschütz

A reviewer of my “4 energy patterns” model and my energy-patterns novel:
Hello Jenison,
I was delighted to read an excerpt of your book and I am excited to read the rest. It is great how you
manage to transport single detailed aspects about VAKOG. Even introverts will find themselves
reading your lines.
After reading about the energy patterns and actually understanding their meaning, I have changed
my behavior. It is incredible how it can have an impact on you. Again, it is just incredible! It is not
about being categorized in one group but your sensitivity towards other people – people like me.
Thanks for your work and for the fact that you are a know-it-all :).
I finally feel like someone understands my thoughts.
Kind greetings,
Iris Reisenbüchler
(graduate in business administration)

Feedback: Workshop – create a collage about you goals
After creating a collage about my goals it was clear to me what kind of relationship I wanted. I was
aware of what was really important. Well, what shall I say, I have been dating a man for two weeks
who seems to have the characteristics I have been looking for. I can’t really believe that I was so
lucky. But I will just enjoy it…
I am also curious to see what else NLP has to offer.
Diana Grabowski

I enjoyed the evening where we created collages about our goals. I find that to be a good exercise. I
was more certain about what I wanted and expressing everything in a picture makes it more present.
Whenever I pass by the collage, I get overwhelmed by my feelings and I visualize more clearly
what I want and what I wish for.
I really like my collage and it was very interesting to see how different people created their owns. It
is just great!
I will continue keeping this pictures in my mind and maybe I can paint myself a bigger picture of
what I actually really want. Before, I was completely blocked, I wasn’t allowed to even think about
creating such a collage. I did not want others to know what I wanted or liked. Now I find it really
helpful to express my feelings with pictures and not necessarily with words.
It is easier to deal with certain topics. I feel relived to express my feelings: I don’t have to say my
wish out loud I can just show it. I am curious to see what is going to come out of this secrete
collage. I don’t even really know if I express my thoughts and all my secrete wishes freely. I am
really looking forward to this evening.
Gisela von Löhneysen said: “I’ve never been to New York! – Reached my goal!”

I find Jenison Thomkins to be an intelligent, creative and imaginative trainer and coach. Her
creativity, sensibility and sovereignty turn her seminars and work into something special and
Most important quality: amazing results, competent and creative
Britte Hebekeuser, Krefeld

Since I came to you, learned from you and made some great experiences in your network, a new
world has opened. I restored my faith in the world because I can see again that there is actually a
good and varied place, where people are friendly and support each other. It makes it almost seem
like paradise! The world is in its foundation a good and rich place. I was always convinced of that
but I never actually felt it. But now that I do, I feel like a new door has opened and my quality of
life has increased. It is great that you organize everything by yourself and try to make the world a
better place.
Participant from the coaching club and the NLP training meeting

Jenison is a colorful role model. You only have to look at her to realize it. You can see that she is
humorous, has patience, respect and sensuality. She takes you on a journey with her empathetic and
kind nature.
Participant of a Partitioner in 2009